The OpenSAML V2 software has reached its End of Life and is no longer supported. This documentation is available for historical purposes only.


log4cpp is the log4j-like logging library originally used by the Shibboleth project.

During the course of Shibboleth development, the library became somewhat orphaned and a set of patches was locally applied to produce a custom package to correct some thread safety and shutdown issues in the code. The project has since revived to some degree, and the recently released 1.0 version is nominally usable, but this can vary by platform if the wrong build flags are used.

For the time being, we suggest using the forked version (now called log4shib), which builds properly on all supported Shibboleth platforms. The dependent projects all build cleanly with either logging library, but you must use the same one throughout your build, obviously.

If there are questions about whether a packaged version on a particular OS is usable, we can compile a list of working versions here. At the moment, there are no known "official" packages of log4cpp that work reliably.


On a platform that's working properly, a typical command might be:

./configure --disable-static --disable-doxygen

To actually determine whether this results in a correct build, you'd have to examine the compiler flags that get used and you'd have to know what they should look like on that platform. If you can't do this, my advice is don't use this package and use log4shib.


The source distribution includes broken Visual Studio 6.0 project files that have not been maintained. It may build with some effort.