The OpenSAML V2 software has reached its End of Life and is no longer supported. This documentation is available for historical purposes only.


The OpenSAML 2 shared library can be built from source using any reasonably standard C++ compiler or installed from binary packages on supported platforms. Note that C++ libraries must be built using a common compiler or link/load undefined symbol errors will result.

Static library support is not available.

The following dependencies are required and must be built or obtained before building OpenSAML itself:


A standard configure command line should do the right thing, barring occasional platform-specific requirements or pointing to libraries in non-standard locations.


For the SPV3 documentation. Go to the WindowsBuild page...

The source package includes a VS 2010 project that relies on the approaches to building other dependencies outlined at this site.

No support for Visual Studio 6!

Note that Visual Studio 6 is NOT supported. There are C++ features, particularly templates and STL use across libraries, that will not run on the older runtime library, even if you made it build. Do not waste your time.

VC14 support is under development.  If you are using the build.make file in the cpp-msbuild project then you should note that defining VCVERSION on the command line will use the appropriate tools

h:\Perforce\devel\cpp-msbuild>nmake /f build.make VCVERSION=VC14