WebAuthn Plugin Version 1.0.0 Features


Existing features as of alpha 0.0.2:

  • Authentication

    • Passwordless: Requires user verification but keys can be stored on the server

      • Requires username view

    • Usernameless (passkey): Requires discoverable credentials and user verification.

      • User selects the registered credential for a given user.id off the authenticator

    • Second Factor : After an appropriate first factor, only requires a FIDO compliant authenticator and user presence checking

  • Registration

    • Admin UI flow for a user to register and remove WebAuthn credentials using the Storage Service API

  • FIDO Metadata

    • Download and load the FIDO authenticator metadata

      • Only allow trusted authenticators

      • Enhance the registration UI

Features not yet implemented for V1.0.0:

Future features:

  • Reporting API :

  • Autofill UI :

  • HTTP APIs to the plugin to support externalised credential management UI :