June Update

Since the last update we completed work on the first IdPv4 patch release to address a small number of bugs and some features that were lost in the transition. We believe the bug count has been somewhat artifically low due to the slow pace of adoption but having been running it in production for several weeks I'm also pretty comfortable that there aren't a lot of big bugs lurking, at least new ones.

One issue we hit involved an internal Jetty 9.4 change with wildcard certificates that we needed to accomodate in our examples and (in rarer cases) in the back-channel module and plugin we've provided, largely unchanged, for a number of years. A new plugin was required, and the documentation was updated to reflect this.

There are definitely other pockets of stale documentation that need updating and we need people who encounter those problems to report them so we can get them fixed.

We've since opened the master branches of all the projects for new feature development on V4.1.0 and have started merging in completed new work. A new Jira state of "Pending" was created to track work committed to development branches that is complete but awaiting merge back to master. By week's end most of this work should be merged in and 4.1 superscripts will be appearing in the documentation.

There are a couple of ways to track the work on the next minor and major versions: issue filters (4.1.0, 5.0.0) as we have used in the past, and some Kanban boards for those who might prefer that kind of view. This is increasingly the most effective way to monitor our "roadmap" and the usually-stale Project Work Items page has been updated to reflect this.

Right now we're mostly knocking off low-hanging fruit and work that's crucial to the eventual transition to V5 rather than complex new features, but we have significant MFA feature work in the plan for 4.1 and have built a PrivacyIdea testbed in AWS to support this.

Initial work in support of the new plugin design is also starting to get merged in and some simple plugins needed for future releases will be built to exercise that code.

Work on the MDA continues as well to move it closer to a V1.0 release this year.