October 2021 Update

This month is just a short update on current work in progress noted during the previous updates.

As of yesterday, the remaining self-hosted core project infrastructure has been migrated off of CentOS and on to a Rocky Linux server. We’ll be watching for problems but so far, so good. This relieves some immediate time pressure in terms of sunsetting tools but documenting everything remains an ongoing task for the rest of this year. Work continues to modernize the Jenkins and Nexus deployments but they’re generally pretty hands-off anyway.

Development is ramping back up on OIDC and OAuth enhancements the rest of this year with a decent number of requested features already identified.

As expected, Java 17 has been added as a supported platform for the current IdP releases and the next step is get Jetty 10 better documented as an option so people can begin to move to those in preparation for future upgrades.

With Internet2 CAMP and ACAMP in the rear-view mirror and the server move done, I will get serious about the SP 3.3 work the rest of this month and hopefully be on track to ship something in late November so as to be able to spend some time over the holiday window getting back to SP 4.0 prototyping.