ADFS SessionInitiator


Advanced Configuration

Note, this is an advanced configuration feature. Most deployments can rely on the <SSO> shorthand element.

The ADFS handler is only available if the extension library is loaded by the SP.

Indicated by type="ADFS", this initiator supports Microsoft ADFS authentication requests, a subset of the WS-Federation passive requester profile. As a protocol handler, an entityID must be specified/known, which is then used to check for metadata with an <md:IDPSSODescriptor> role supporting ADFS. The absence of either causes a warning to be logged and the handler otherwise ignores the request.

A "supporting" IdP's role element has a protocolSupportEnumeration attribute containing the value "", with an accompanying <md:SingleSignOnService>with a Binding of "".


Query String Parameters

The following can be provided via the Initiator Protocol

Common Parameters

Specific Parameters

There are no protocol specific parameters