NameID AttributeDecoder

The decoder, indicated by xsi:type="NameIDAttributeDecoder", processes SAML attribute values that take the form of a <saml:NameIdentifier> or <saml2:NameID> element (or the equivalent schema type).

Since SAML identifiers are complex XML types that include XML attributes as well as content, a formatting string must be supplied to instruct the system how to represent the value internally as a flattened string, when necessary.

For historical reasons, the various parts of the XML structure are traditionally concatenated using !!, but any kind of formatting is possible.


Any of the Common Attributes can be specified In addition the following can be used





string"$Name!!$NameQualifier!!$SPNameQualifier"A formatting string that turns the XML content into a flat string. The string contains one or more substitution tags consisting of a dollar sign ($) followed by the name of an XML attribute or the string "Name" (representing the XML element content). Other characters are echoed through to the constructed string.
defaultQualifiers booleanfalse

If true, the values of NameQualifier and SPNameQualifier will be defaulted, if not set by the source, based on the identity provider and service provider identities.


<AttributeDecoder xsi:type="NameIDAttributeDecoder" formatter="$NameQualifier!$SPNameQualifier!$Name" defaultQualifiers="true"/>