The <ArtifactMap> element configures the plugin used for the short term storage of XML messages bound to SAML artifacts.

The only supplied implementation is a wrapper around a <StorageService> plugin. It also includes an optimization for in-memory use that reduces the XML round tripping required, so binding to an in-memory StorageService is not necessary.

On Version 2.4 and above, can be omitted and an in-memory version with default settings will be used.

<ArtifactMap artifactTTL="180"/>


  • artifactTTL (time in seconds) (defaults to 180)
    • Time-to-live for artifact mappings, to limit the risk of various attacks. After the elapsed time, mappings become invalid.
  • StorageService (XML IDREF)
    • Optional reference to the id attribute of a previously defined <StorageService> element.
  • context (string)
    • When bound to a StorageService, an optional value can be supplied to isolate artifact mappings under a specific "context" key. Only needed if multiple deployments are sharing a single storage database.