The current stable release of the Metadata Aggregator is 0.10.0. We intend this to be the last feature release before a V1.0.0 release, after which semantic versioning will be used. We expect the V1.0.0 API to be essentially identical to that of V0.10.0, with one exception: V0.10.0 includes migration assistance for users of previous releases which will be removed from V1.0.0. Users of earlier versions are therefore strongly encouraged to migrate to V0.10.0 now; the subsequent V1.0.0 release should then be a drop-in replacement. Direct migrations from earlier releases to V1.0.0 are not encouraged and will not be supported.

This is the home of the Metadata Aggregator 1.0 space.

All our software is licensed under the Apache 2.0 open source software license.