Planning page for the next minor release of the SP and all related libraries, scheduled for release during the summer of 2016.

Initially the plan was to do a small patch this summer, then a feature update this winter. The bug involved in the advisory released May 4th changed the plans and timetable, and we are now planning to try and roll up as many features as we can take on into a V2.6 feature update this summer that will also replace the broken setting. But the timetable on that is more critical than what we can get done, so we will ship what we have in June, and then plan for another feature release later.

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These are tenatively scheduled, it's very likely many won't get done in time for this release.

On the Windows platform, we have also rescheduled a planned migration to the latest compiler. V2.6 will ship using the current compiler used with previous versions. When and if we do update the compiler, we expect that support for older Apache versions may disappear as well.