March Update

Not a long update this month, as the activity is just an extension of last month's update. Work has been hard and heavy though.

Two beta releases of the IdP were completed, with a few serious bugs found and fixed, enough that we are comfortable with an official release being cranked as I write this, with the announcement due tomorrow. V4 is the product of over 15 months of work primarily focused on technical refresh and maintaining the maximum degree of compatibility possible as we move forward 4! Java versions and a full Spring version. The OIDC extension should be finalized within a few days of the IdP release.

We believe we have achieved the goal of a true major upgrade that feels more like a patch. Just be aware that the less you notice, the more work went into making that possible. The ReleaseNotes are extensive and cover the highlights. We will be focused on feedback and bug fixing over the next couple of months so a patch or two should be expected.

On the SP front, work has continued on a 3.1 release that has accumulated a decent list of fixes and features. Work on SameSite and correlation support is complete and the remaining tasks consist of fairly minor enhancements and some documentation cleanup that should make a late March or early April release feasible.

By early summer, work will be underway on a roadmap for the IdP that will take us through V5 and full incorporation of the OIDC extension into the project. We expect that V5 in 2021 will see minimal changes for deployers except for the transition of the OIDC module from third-party to fully-supported extension.