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Also as of version 2.1, the transport implementation is supplied by the same underlying code used for SOAP client communication, and the same configuration properties that affect that process are used, such as timeouts, client authentication via certificates or HTTP, etc.

Version 2.6 and Above:

As of version 2.6, this plugin can handle resolving metadata via files. If the resulting value to resolve starts with "file://", then a local file will be resolved to satisfy the request. Typically the <Subst> element can be used together with the new hashed attribute to map entityIDs to hashed filenames.


  • validate (boolean) (defaults to "false")
    • If "true", metadata will be schema validated when parsed.


  • <Subst> (optional)
    • Simple transform whose element content consists of a string containing the substring "$entityID", into which the entityID value is substituted. If the element contains hashed attribute (supported as of V2.6+), the value must be a digest algorithm (e.g. SHA1) to apply to the entityID. If the element contains an encoded attribute set to "false", the value will be replaced directly, otherwise it will be URL-encoded first.
  • <Regex> (optional)
    • Complex transform containing a match attribute containing a regular expression against which the entityID value is applied, and whose element content contains a replacement expression to run based on the results of the match. Only numeric/positional group references (e.g. $1) are supported.