The <UnixListener> element provides a remoting layer based on a Unix domain socket, and is recommended for use on all non-Windows platforms.

If a relevant element is absent from the configuration, this is auto-configured on non-Windows platforms, with default settings as noted below.


addresslocal pathnameshibd.sock

Pathname to use for the Unix domain socket. Both the web server and shibd daemon processes need to be able to read and write to this path. Can be set via the SHIBSP_LISTENER_ADDRESS environment variable.

stackSize size in kilobytes0

If non-zero, sets the stack size of daemon worker threads in kilobytes. Zero results in the default OS-supplied size being used, which can be surprisingly large.

clientAddresslocal pathname

If set, this overrides the address attribute for the "in-process" half of the system (web server modules).

Child Elements



Equivalent to Unix Default
<UnixListener address="shibd.sock"/>