See Source Code Access for repository information.

Building the Java Source Code

The shibboleth project uses Apache Maven 2 as its build system and as such you will need Maven installed if you wish to build Shibboleth from source.


It is recommended that you use the java-idp-main repository, REL_2 branch, when building the Java IdP. This repository contains SVN externals that causes the latest java-shib-common and java-idp code to be checked out as well. It also contains a Maven project file that will build both projects. The final results will be in the java-idp/target directory. Additional the project will aggregate the junit, javadoc, and jxr reports and place them in the java-idp-main/target/site directory.

To build everything use the following commands:

Building and installing the latest Java v2 parent Maven project
$ git clone
$ cd java-parent-project-v2
$ mvn -DskipTests install
Building the latest OpenSAML2 version from source
$ svn co java-opensaml2-main
$ cd java-opensaml2-main
$ mvn -DskipTests install
Building the latest IdP version from source
$ svn co java-shib-idp2-main
$ cd java-shib-idp2-main
$ mvn -DskipTests install

The resulting files will be in the java-shib-idp2-main/java-shib-idp2/target directory.

Discovery Service

Checkout the java-wayf, REL_1 branch. Run mvn install

Building the C++ Source Code

The various projects that contain C++ source are offered with both Windows IDE project files and autoconf-based Unix packages using the standard configure/make/make install sequence. Detailed information on source builds is available from the OS-specific pages linked on the Installation topic. There's also a page describing the overall C++ development process.