Transient ID Attribute Definition

The Transient ID attribute definition exposes a randomly generated, short-lived, opaque identifier that can later be mapped back to the user by a Transient principal connector.

Define the Definition

A transient ID attribute definition starts with the same <resolver:AttributeDefinition> element as all other attribute definitions and has a type attribute of xsi:type="ad:TransientId". Each definition must also have an id attribute that assigns it a unique, among attribute definitions, identifier used to refer to defintion within the rest of the attribute resolver configuration.

This attribute definition supports the following, optional, attribute:

  • lifetime - the lifetime of the generated identifier given in duration notation
Transient ID Attribute Definition
<resolver:AttributeDefinition id="UNIQUE_ID" xsi:type="ad:TransientId">

     <!-- Remaining configuration from the next step go here -->


While this attribute definition can have dependencies, like all other attribute definitions, they are never used. The transient ID comes exclusively from internal IdP state.