The Shibboleth V1 software has reached its End of Life and is no longer supported. This documentation is available for historical purposes only.



Federations are a natural trust fabric that is useful to simplifying the deployment of Shibboleth by sets of providers involved in common attribute exchange and content protection. They are not required for the use of Shibboleth, but joining federations can greatly simplify interoperability and trust.

The wiki hosts a list of federations or projects involving Shibboleth or SAML technology provided by the Shibboleth project. Each federation typically serves a specific community.

See also the REFEDs Federations Survey.

  • CARSI: (China)
  • CRU: (France) has also a Shib community getting established around CRU.
  • DFN-AAI : (Germany) The DFN-AAI is provided by the Germany`s National Research and Education Network (DFN).
  • DK-AAI : (Denmark)
  • : (Czech Republic) - Czech Academic Identity Federation
  • Entree Identityprovider : (The Netherlands)
  • FEIDE : (Norway)
  • HAKA: (Finland) The identity federation of Finnish universities, polytechnics and research institutions operated by CSC
  • InCommon: (United States) InCommon provides a common framework for trustworthy shared management of access to on-line resources in support of education and research in the United States.
  • K.U.Leuven: The Belgian university K.U.Leuven manages a Shibboleth federation for its Associatie K.U.Leuven
  • Oman KnowledgeID: (Sultanate of Oman)
  • MAMS: (Australia) is a prototype federated identity and access management infrastructure for Australia's higher education sector.
  • SIR: (Spain) Is an identity hub for Spanish academic and research institutions, operated by RedIRIS
  • SURFnet Federation : (The Netherlands)
  • SWAMID : (Sweden). Link leads to policy documents written in english.
  • SWITCHaai: (Switzerland) The Swiss higher education federation based on Shibboleth and operated by SWITCH.
  • UK federation: The UK Access Management Federation for Education and Research is the production federation for the UK Schools, Research, Further and Higher Education sectors.
  • WAYF: (Denmark)

Non-national Federations:

  • InQueue: InQueue is designed for all organizations that are becoming familiar with the Shibboleth software package and the federated trust model. NOTE: as of October 30 2006, InQueue will begin the process of shutting down. Detailed information and a schedule for the various phases is available at InQueueShutDown.
  • Project Sentinel: Project Sentinel implements a test-bed in real-time medical disaster management.