Error Propagation

Not every attribute definition may, or need, work for every user in the system. However, the definition may emit an error if it is unable to find any entries for the user or if it depends on another data connector or definition that didn't apply to the current user.

To suppress these errors, so that they don't stop the attribute lookup process, add the follow attribute and value to the main definition element:

  • propagateErrors - with a value of false

Data Caching

Attribute definitions cache their information for the length of one attribute request; until all data connectors and definitions have been evaluated and their information retrieved. You may optionally have the definition cache its data for a fixed period of time. This can increase performance but will result in a lead time for frequently changing data.

To enable this longer-lived cache add the following attribute to the main connector element:

  • cacheTime - the length of time, in seconds, to cache the attributes fetched by this definition