Specifications & Architecture:

The formal specifications that define how Shibboleth works span a number of documents.  Shibboleth is primarily built on the SAML standard as defined by the OASIS SSTCworking group. Shibboleth also has formal profile and conformance documents that define additional constraints on top of the base standard.

Deployment Profiles, Best Practices, Etc:

In addition to these standards, note that within specific communities of use, additional profiles may be defined to further constrain options, define attributes, etc. People are welcome to maintain pointers to those here.



I2MI SAML Attribute Profiles

The Internet2 Middleware Initiative has published profiles for the use of SAML attributes (both SAML 1.x and SAML 2.0). These are best practices and naming standards and used by at least InCommon and some other federations. Some of the practices described are implemented directly by Shibboleth 1.x, often in ways that don't permit other approaches.