The Shibboleth V1 software has reached its End of Life and is no longer supported. This documentation is available for historical purposes only.


Configuration How-To's

These sections provide descriptions of how to perform specific tasks sectioned off by SP, IdP, interoperability, and others.

Get your deployment to...

Get an IdP to...

Get a C++ SP to...

  • SPMultipleRPs: Use a single SP with multiple relying parties, e.g. multiple federations
  • AddSeparateApplication: Make an SP identify an application on the same webserver as a separate Application/providerId (eg for a vhost)
  • NewSPAttribute: Add support for and acceptance of a new attribute for the SP
  • LazySession: Take advantage of everything lazy sessions can do for the user experience
  • SPForwardProxy: Deploy the SP in a forward-proxy web environment
  • SPNoSSL: Deploy the SP behind SSL accelerators and load balancers
  • InteropWithOnedotOne: How to handle a 1.1 IdP from a newer SP
  • JavaContentProtection: Protect content within Java webapps protected by Shibboleth either directly or through mod_jk
  • AccessControl: Protect content using static access control rules before serving pages
  • DenyIdP: Restrict the ability of some IdPs within a federation to access a resource
  • ExportAssertions: Expose raw SAML information via the HTTP_SHIB_ATTRIBUTES header

Packaged Application Integration

  • ShibbolizedConfluence: One approach to integrating Shibboleth with the Confluence Wiki
  • ShibbolizedBedework: One approach to integrating Shibboleth with Bedework (an open-source, enterprise calendar system for higher education).