The OpenSAML V2 software has reached its End of Life and is no longer supported. This documentation is available for historical purposes only.


Building the OpenSAML 2 Library

Build Basics

The OpenSAML 2 library uses the Maven2 build tool, which provides the following useful commands (among many others):

  • clean - removes all the build generated content
  • test - runs the available unit tests
  • install - build the library and place it in to your local repository
  • javadoc:javadoc - generated the Javadoc for the library and places in it the target/site/apidocs directory
  • surefire-report:report - generates an HTML report of the unit tests results and places the result in target/site/unitTest
  • checkstyle:checkstyle - generates a checktyle report and places the result in target/site/checkstyle
  • jxr:jxr - generates a source code cross-reference report and places the result in target/site/xref

In addition there is build profile called release used by the OpenSAML developers to create the release distributions of the libraries. You may use this but it requires that gpg be installed as it will compute and the signatures for the distribution packages.

Building the Library

When building OpenSAML 2 from source it is recommended that you check out the java-opensaml2-main project, REL_2 branch. This repository contains SVN externals that causes the latest java-xmltooling, java-openws, and java-opensaml2 code to be checked out as well. It also contains a Maven project file that will build both projects. The final results will be in the java-opensaml2/target directory. Additional the project will aggregate the junit, javadoc, and jxr reports and place them in the java-opensaml2-main/target/site directory.

Targeting JDK 1.4

JDK 1.4 builds are disabled for the moment.