The Nashorn plugin provides support for the Nashorn JavaScript engine for IdPs of version 4.1 and beyond. This the scripting engine that was shipped with Java between versions 8 to 14 (it is not present in JDK15).  It is therefore targeted at IdP installations on JDK 15 and later.

Note that Java Version 15 and beyond are not currently officially supported.  It is anticipated that this plugin will be required when Java 17 (the next LTS release after java 11) is released in September 2021


Starting with IdP 4.2 you can the install the latest plugin version supported on your IdP version with
.\ -I net.shibboleth.idp.plugin.nashorn


Latest Version


Latest Version


1.1.0: download


This plugin requires no configuration and does not expose any Modules. Its sole purpose is to add a new scripting language to the IdP. The plugin is actually a  JSR-223 implementation which works alongside the IdP to make these language strings available:

  • nashorn

  • Nashorn

  • js

  • JS

  • JavaScript

  • javascript

  • ECMAScript

  • ecmascript