The Shibboleth IdP V4 software will leave support on September 1, 2024.


File(s): conf/relying-party.xml

Format: Native Spring


The SAML1.AttributeQuery profile configuration bean enables support for the SAML 1.1 Attribute Query profile over SOAP. It was historically used to support Shibboleth SP software that understood how to supplement SAML 1.1 SSO with queries in order to improve attribute confidentiality. It is rarely needed any longer.

By default, the IdP will only respond to queries containing NameIdentifiers that it understands how to reverse-map into user identities, and it will not do so out of the box for anything but transient identifiers issued by it. Nevertheless, it should be disabled if not in use.


The most typical options used are described in more detail below, but not every obscure option is discussed. See the javadoc for all of the possible configuration options for this profile (note that many of them are inherited from parent classes).

Virtually all the configuration options below can be set via two different properties: a static property that explicitly sets the value to use and a lookup strategy or predicate property that takes a Function or Predicate and returns the value to use. The dynamic property is generally named "propertyNamePredicate" or "propertyNameLookupStrategy" for Boolean- and non-Boolean-valued properties respectively.


The default value of signResponses for this profile is an extended form of the behavior that was referred to in V2 as "conditional". It signs only if TLS isn't used (very unusual) or if the receiving port is 443. It assumes that traffic over 443 will be relying on message-based security measures, whereas traffic to an alternative TLS port like 8443 will be relying on mutual authentication and thus provide a secure channel.

Since SAML 1.1 does not support XML Encryption, all data is in plaintext, and therefore use of message-based security is not advisable.