The Shibboleth IdP V3 software has reached its End of Life and is no longer supported. This documentation is available for historical purposes only. See the IDP4 wiki space for current documentation on the supported version.



The Identity Provider software contains by default US English file(s) that contain the strings to render messages in the:

  • login page
  • user consent/terms of use page
  • error pages

Many deployers of the IdPv3 may want to present these pages in the local language(s) or customize/localize some strings. To translate or adapt the IdP messages and thus support multiple languages the IdP supports translations of the corresponding properties files. The servlet container will then automatically select a matching properties file based on the client's Accept-Languages header as provided by the web browser.

As of V3.3, all of these messages are packaged into a single file, system/messages/, in V3.2 the messages were in the following three files: messages/, messages/, messages/

To e.g. create a German translation of the IdP's error messages strings, copy the default (US English) messages file, to a file named (see also error messages configuration) and translate/adapt the strings in the new properties file. For example, translate the string idp.title.suffix = Error to idp.title.suffix = Fehler

The IdP will select the correct language file based on the locale of the browser without additional configuration. Note that Spring (and by extension the IdP) does not support a precedence of languages to fall back to, so the support for full i18n is constrained by that limitation.

In addition to the default use of the filenames noted above, you can freely change the message files used in conf/services.xml if you prefer that.

Translated Message Properties

These are the already completely translated versions of the files available for download. All translations were provided by volunteers from the community. They are listed in the Translation Credits. See Contribute to the Translation Project below how you can contribute yourself.

General Installation Instructions

  1. Download the languages your IdP should support
  2. Copy them into  the shibboleth-idp/messages directory. A software upgrade will not touch them, but you will have to manually fetch new versions as they become available.
  3. Best watch this page (login and click on "Watch") to get informed on changes.

You should also consider merging your own customization, such as idp.logo and idp.logo.alt-text.

Important: No deployer should use the text provided for example-tou-1.text as is. You need to replace that text with one that fits your local legal framework.

Identity Provider 3.4

Language CodeLanguageFile DownloadLast Update
de_CHGerman (Switzerland)2018-10-25
es_ESSpanish (Spain)2018-11-01
zh_CNChinese, Simplifiedmessages_zh_CN.properties2020-02-12

Identity Provider 3.3

Identity Provider 3.2

Contribute to the Translation Project 

As of Identity Provider V3.1, several federation operators have started to create a translation project on the free translation service Zanata. They are available in the Shibboleth IdPv3 Translation project.

If you just want to download existing translations pick from the files listed above or ask your local federation operator.

If you want to contribute translations for other languages, please:

  1. Go to and create an account
  2. The send your account name to and ask to be added as contributor/maintainer for the Shibboleth translations.

That way you'll get access to the translation project.

Once you complete (or correct something in) a translation, please notify since the Zanata tool has no built-in notification mechanism. Someone from SWITCHaai will then download the new files via the zanata-cli client, will prepend the correct license text und upload it onto this page. Downloading the file via the Zanata web interface unfortunately results in a wrong character set, not UTF-8.