Tracking any compatibility changes during development for the release notes.

Deprecated Beans/Properties

  • Liberty.SSOS

  • Liberty.SSOS.MDDriven

Removed Beans/Properties

  • shibboleth.OutgoingIDWSFSSOSBindings

  • shibboleth.Encoders.IDWSFSOAPEncoder

  • shibboleth.Binding.LibertySOAP

  • shibboleth.Conditions.IssuingDelegatedAssertion

  • shibboleth.Conditions.AllowedSAMLPresenters

User Visible

  • Removed V2 scripted attribute compatibility classes

  • Added methods to SPSession interface for logout enhancements dating to V4.2

  • Deprecated and ignored profileContextRef (sp?) XML attribute in resolver and filter schemas and parsers

Programmer Visible (-api changes)

Removed various APIs related to SAML delegation

Removed profileRequestContextLookupStrategy on various resolver and filter plugins