Committer Agreement

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Participation in the Shibboleth Project as a Committer is subject to agreement with a set of general principles. While this agreement is not legally binding, it sets out the expectations to which the Consortium Board expects Committers on the project to adhere in return for their continued support of the project, and provides the Project Management Committee (PMC) a framework in which to judge the continued suitability of a Committer.

  1. All Committers agree to participate in the project subject to the resolutions passed by the Consortium Board, and may choose to withdraw their participation in the event that resolutions are passed with which they do not agree. At the present time, this consists of the following:


  2. Contributions to the project will be made subject to the Contribution Policy and, where applicable, will follow the project's Coding Conventions.

  3. Care will be taken in all project activity to ensure the security and integrity of the code base.

  4. Decisions by the PMC  on matters referred to it will be respected.

  5. Any work performed on behalf of the project will be done with full disclosure as to its purpose and its relevance to the Project Roadmap developed by the Committers and continually agreed to by the Consortium Board.

  6. The acceptance of any contribution by a Committer is subject to the approval of the PMC.

  7. Any committer is free to withdraw their participation under this agreement, provided they complete any outstanding contractual obligations, such as completion of outstanding work.