Linux Installation

Shibboleth can be built on most versions of 32- and 64-bit Linux, but is officially supported only on the following distributions at this time:

The official packages are built for, and integrate with, only the Apache (httpd) package that is supplied with the OS. When building from source or SRPM, you can accomodate any version of Apache (or its derivations) that is compatible, but we officially support only Apache installations built using the official Apache sources and for versions that are not EOL (end of life) by the ASF.

Information about Red Hat Enterprise 6+ and CentOS 6+

Information about SELinux

If your distribution supports the RPM package manager, it is strongly suggested that you install using RPMs built for your specific distribution, or by rebuilding the SRPM source packages provided. If this is not possible, you can build from source.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to install a set of RPM packages built for/with a different OS or version from your own. This will usually lead to unpredictable problems and support issues. Instead, just rebuild the SRPM packages and then you can install them anytime you need them.

Install from RPM
Build from SRPM
Build from Source

Upgrade using RPM