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  • Allow an organization use their existing user authentication mechanism to access web-based resources even if the resource is not operated by the orgnization. This has the benefits that:
    • A user only needs their "normal" log on credentials, not one per resource.
    • Access resources do not need to manage user credentials.
  • Allow the user's information maintained by their organization to be provided to the resource. This has the benefits that:
    • When a user updates information with their organization all resources receives this new information when the user visits them.
    • Resources do not need to store and maintain data known by the user's organization.
  • Allow the user, or their organization, to control the release of the user's information. This has the benefits that:
    • The user, or their organization, is in control of what information gets released.
    • Resources maintainers do not need to worry about receiving and protecting data they do not require.

Shibboleth Requirements

The Shibboleth Service Provider is a web server module. The supported web servers are Apache's HTTPD, Microsoft's IIS, and Sun's Java System Web Server. Additionally if the resource to be protected is a web application it must be able to receive user data by means of the CGI interface (i.e. HTTP headers).This Shibboleth Identity Provider is a Java web application and must be deployed in a standard web application container like Apache's Tomcat, Mortbay's Jetty, or JBoss's JBoss Application Server. Additionally the deploying organization must already have an existing way of authenticating users.System Requirements

Identity Provider System Requirements