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  • A servlet container implementing Servlet API 5.0 or above is required. For example:

    • Jetty 11+

    • Tomcat 10.1+

  • We also do not officially support any "packaged" containers provided by OS vendors. We do not test on these containers so we cannot assess what changes may have been made by the packaging process, and they frequently contain unwarranted and ill-considered changes from the upstream software.

  • The recommended container implementation is Jetty and all development and most testing time by the core project team is confined to the Jetty platform. At present, Jetty 11 is recommended. Jetty 12 is very new and likely will need some time for testing and to mature, but is supportedor 12 are recommended.

  • There are no specific requirements regarding Operating Systems, but in practice this is inherently limited by the Java distributions supported, as noted above.