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There’s not much to report re: the SP development apart from the code reorganization being critical for that process. Now that the metadata and attribute services are outside the IdP codebase, we can begin to mock up real SP designs that leverage these components as planned. This will go a long way toward figuring out what the SP configuration might actually look like, but it’s s safe bet that most of the metadata- and attribute-related configuration in the current SP will be left behind as “not supported anymore” as it would be a tremendous amount of work to support that in any sensible way. The usual IdP configuration approaches to defining metadata and attribute behavior will essentially be reused and the Spring-based service hub will handle all that on behalf of SP agents.

Finally, we have a lot of interest in potentially identifying partner projects that would be interested in collaborating on token management APIs and user interface work in support of a robust WebAuthn implementation. We’re very good at the systems development, and we’re very not-so-good at building web applications. If there are projects or people interested in collaborating, please get in touch.