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Removed Beans/Properties

  • shibboleth.HttpServletRequest (use Supplier instead)

  • shibboleth.HttpServletRespoonse (user Supplier instead)

  • shibboleth.OutgoingIDWSFSSOSBindings

  • shibboleth.Encoders.IDWSFSOAPEncoder

  • shibboleth.Binding.LibertySOAP

  • shibboleth.Conditions.IssuingDelegatedAssertion

  • shibboleth.Conditions.AllowedSAMLPresenters

  • shibboleth.authn.Password.PrincipalOverride

  • shibboleth.authn.Password.ExtendedFlows

  • shibboleth.authn.Password.ExtendedFlowParameters

  • idp.service.attribute.resolver.suppressDisplayInfo


  • Removed V2 scripted attribute compatibility classes

  • Added methods to SPSession interface for logout enhancements dating to V4.2

  • Deprecated and ignored profileContextRef (sp?) XML attribute in resolver and filter schemas and parsers

  • LDAPDataConntector. We now use LDAPTIVEV2 so

  • All DataConnectors. The following attributes can no longer be supplied. Since For the first four, since 4.3 all data connectors can have appropriate bean injected using the xyzRef="BeanId" paradigm.

    • springResources

    • springResourcesRef

    • factoryPostProcessorsRef

    • postProcessorsRef

    • exportAllAttributes (no replacement)

  • All Data Connectors and all Attribute definitions profileContextStrategyRef="beanID" can no longer be supplied

  • EntityRoleWhiteList Metadata filter type has been removed

  • profileContextStrategyRef="BeanID" removed from all Attribute Definitions and Data Connectors

  • ignoreCase="bool" in <SourceValue/> (part of a Mapped Attribute Definition) has been removed

  • Attribute failFast removed the the StoredID Data Connector

  • Attribute readOnly removed the the RDBMS Data Connector

  • Attribute ignoreCase remove from all Attribute Filter Elements

  • Attribute contextStrategyRef removed from the Predicate Policy Rule

  • MappedAttributeInMetadata Policy no longer supported

Programmer Visible (-api changes)