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When are we doing this? Work has started in 2022 in earnest and is likely to take most of 2023, if not longerbut is still in the assessment stage.


  • DesignNotes

    • Brain dump of issues with the current code and brainstorming some of the problem space

  • Remoting Protocol

    • Draft material on the proposed remoting protocol and conventions for communication with the Java-based service/hub

  • SP Service Architecture

    • Notes on the design of the new service and some of the adaptations needed to accomodate existing function

  • SP Configuration Settings

    • Walk through of many of the various settings and their future

  • Source Code

    • The new Java “service” that will replacing the existing dependencies is in the java-sp-server.git repository with the unwieldy placeholder name of Shibboleth SP Service.

    • The existing cpp-sp.git repository will continue to exist and work will be done on a branch for now. I suspect we may start over to produce the new agents by cloning the old repo.