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  1. Create a new top-level “shared/utility” repo with java-support and spring-extensions moved into subdirectories of a new multi-module project, with history rewritten via reposurgeon to reflect those locations. Any commit signatures will be removed. Tags and branches will be renamed for uniqueness. Code can be moved around and new modules created at that point. Some of the code may then be migrated into new top-level repos if desired.

    1. See Merging the shared Java code repositories

  2. Begin to create new top-level projects for large IdP subsystems we need for the SP by cloning the IdP repository and removing content. History can be cleaned up after that point to eliminate the deleted content.

    1. Created java-shib-metadata and java-shib-attribute and have done substantial work to rename modules, move some things around, fix tests, etccompleted rebasing the IdP on them.

    2. Some code also moved down into a new opensaml-spring module, with attendant loss of history. Some of it should definitely be there, some needs discussion.