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V4.2 includes a new set of views with updated HTML and references to a new global stylesheet and (empty) placeholder logo. The HTML is intended to be more modern, mobile friendly, and hopefully improve accessibility.

  • A (new to V4.2) sample logo is installed to edit-webapp/images/placeholder.png and is referenced by default via the message property idp.logo

  • All views link to a style sheet installed to edit-webapp/css/placeholder.css, and ; this is referenced by default via the message property idp.css

Upgrades are meant to be safe, but prior to V4.2, the default CSS and logo files (which were strictly provided as examples) have been overwritten during upgrades. This should be corrected in V4.2, but please heed the caution box above: do NOT rely on the default filenames for your “final” configuration. Even if you make use of the provided CSS, copy it to a filename of your own and set the idp.css property to switch to it.