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Shibboleth has a long and tortured history with logout as a concept, and nothing's really changed in that regard, but after many conversations, we have provided a very limited form of logout as part of V2.4.0 that supports the basic use case of terminating a client session with the IdP. This is a very difficult feature to explain to a user, and should only be deployed after careful consideration.


To do this, you first need to define a VelocityEngine instance that can locate templates in the filesystem. You can do this without much harm (that I can see) to the built-in instance that is defined in internal.xml, at your own risk. To do this, add ", file" to the end of the value in the resource.loader property, and add some additional properties as follows:

Code Block
titleAdditional Properties for the shibboleth.VelocityEngine bean in internal.xmlxml
<prop key="file.resource.loader.class">
<prop key="file.resource.loader.path">/opt/shibboleth-idp/conf</prop>
<prop key="file.resource.loader.cache">false</prop>