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An example configuration using the Shibboleth Service Provider together with Apache mod_dav is listed below. It assumes the use of a WebDAV client that can be configured to send the HTTP credentials without being prompted by the server. If you need to accomodate true basic authentication prompts, the IdP configuration is much more complex and requires that you deploy container-managed authentication, or use Apache in front with the IdP's RemoteUser support.


Assure that the following requirements are meet if you you wish to setup this example:


The V3 Identity Provider comes pre-configured with some support for basic authentication if the Password login flow is used, but it requires that the client volunteer the username/password. One of the RemoteUser-based flows can also be used to support clients that can't offer credentials without a prompt (with appropriate web server configuration for authentication), and can be run in first position to handle DAV clients while leaving the form-based option available for browser clients.