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  • Jetty listens on ports 8080 and 8443 for user-facing web traffic by default. You will most likely need to modify these ports to 80 and 443 in the jetty.xml and jetty-ssl.xml config files, and make arrangements for Jetty to run as root, or utilize a setuid extension to support the privileged ports.
  • Add the following Java options to your start.ini(all ### is the amount of memory in megabytes to allow for the option):
    • -XX:+UseG1GC - this enables a garbage collector that reduces the memory requirements needed for larger metadata files

    • -Xmx1500m - this is the maximum amount of memory that Jetty may use, at least 1.5G is recommended for larger (>25M) metadata files
    • -XX:MaxPermSize=128m - (Oracle Java 6/7 specific option) the maximum amount of memory allowed for the permanent generation object space
    • -Djava.endorsed.dirs=lib/endorsed - tells Jetty where the endorsed libraries are
  • Uncomment --exec
  • Uncomment etc/jetty-ssl.xml at the bottom of start.ini