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Instead of defining explicit endpoints with low-level binding information, the <SSO> element automates the installation of the appropriate handlers based on the protocols selected for activation. For each protocol activated in the <SSO> element, the order of the Bindings is controlled in protocols.xml. Most of the remaining settings are equivalent to the settings supported by the "common" <SessionInitiator> types.  Note that the <SSO> element the <SSO> element supports many of the attributes of <SessionInitiator>, so some of the default settings can be modified without having to define an entire <SessionInitiator>.  

The use of the <SSO> element results in a basic chain of initiator plugins installed at the recommended "/Login" handler location. For advanced scenarios that require additional plugins or options, additional explicit <SessionInitiator> elements can be added to the end of the surrounding <Sessions> element. To prevent unforeseen interactions, you may want to remove the shorthand element entirely.