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  • Edit httpd.conf:
    1. Shibboleth bundles example configuration directives in \etc\shibboleth in the files apache.config, apache2.config, apache22.config, and apache24.config, which can be added to httpd.conf using the Include command. Be wary of placing the configuration in the wrong VirtualHost.
    2. You may need to modify the path to the module in those examples based on whether you're using the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Apache and Shibboleth. The default files use a path to the 32-bit modules.
    3. Use of the <RequestMap> feature is not recommended for use with Apache, but its use requires that the UseCanonicalName directive be set.
    4. Ensure that the ServerName directive is properly set, and that Apache is being started with SSL enabled.
  • The primary configuration file for the module and the Shibboleth daemon, shibd, will be located at \etc\shibboleth\shibboleth2.xml (within the directory used to install the SP software).
  • shibd creates its own log at \var\log\shibboleth\shibd.log and must have appropriate read and write permissions itself for the entire installation directory.
  • Apache also will need read access to most of the installation, with the exception of your Shibboleth private key file(s). It also needs write access to \var\log\shibboleth-www to create the native.log file.