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  • A variable whose name is the ID of the attribute definition. An instance of edu.internet2.middleware.shibboleth.common.attribute.BaseAttribute must be created, populated, and assigned to this variable in order to expose the result of this script.
  • A variable named requestContext containing the edu.internet2.middleware.shibboleth.common.profile.provider.BaseSAMLProfileRequestContextfor the current resolution request. The object represented by that variable contains data as indicated by all the following interfaces:
  • A variable for each attribute produced by the defined dependencies of this definition . The (the attribute itself if the dependency is an attribute definition, every attribute resolved by the data connector if the dependency is a dataconnector). ┬áThe variable's name will be that of the ID of the attribute from the dependency. In the event that more than one dependency produces attributes with the same ID the values of all of those attributes will be merged and made available to the script. Note that the sourceAttribute attribute of the configuration is not used.
titleDo not change the contents of input attributes

Except in the specific case noted in IdPJava1.8 attribute should never be modified by scripts since this will yield undefined results.