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In other words, to override templates/saml2-post-binding.vm, you can create a file named views/templates/saml2-post-binding.vm
(path relative to idp.home).

You can find all the templates inside the opensaml-saml-impl.jar library if you want to examine or copy them:


The two additions you can make to the default Velocity templates without replacing them are to add HTML markup (actually, Velocity Template Language, which can be a mix of standard HTML markup and Velocity statements) to theĀ <head> section, and/or to add HTML(VTL) markup to theĀ <body> section. You do that by creating one or both of the following files (again relative to idp.home):

  • views/templates/add-html-head-content.vm
  • views/templates/add-html-body-content.vm