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By default, the only destination for these records is the general process log. The normal use for F-TICKS is to provide the logs to another system, so the logback.xml file includes a commented out an appender for a remote syslog. You should uncomment that appender, configure the appropriate hostname, and then uncomment the <appender-ref> element in the "Shibboleth-FTICKS" <logger> element. Of course, you're free to configure any appender(s) you chooseThe hostname and port can be set via the idp.fticks.loghost and idp.fticks.logport properties.



Properties are defined in to customize various aspects of audit logging:

idp.fticks.federationString Enables F-TICKS output and specifies the value of the federation-identifier field
idp.fticks.algorithmStringSHA-2Digest algorithm used to obscure usernames
idp.fticks.saltString A salt to apply when digesting usernames (if not specified, the username will not be included)
idp.fticks.loghostStringlocalhostThe remote syslog host
idp.fticks.logportString514The remote syslog port