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A Shibboleth IdP external authentication plugin that delegates the authentication to an external CAS Server. It supports the ability to utilize a full range of native CAS protocol features such as renew and gateway. 

3.1,3.2fox@washington.eduThis data connector retrieves data from a restful web service.  We use this to retrieve group memberships.
Shibboleth-IdP3-TOTP-Auth3.2keijo@kvak.netThis authentication module provides 2-factor authentication with Google Authenticator. It works conjunction with User/Password flow. ATM it retrieves token seeds from external LDAP-server.
shib-mfa-duo-auth3.1-3.2unicon.netDuoSecurity multifactor plugin written by Unicon. Recommended if you need the full multi-context broker experience as described at Replicating Multi-Context Broker Functionality (Duo + Username/Password with user-opt-in forcing Duo).
duo_shibboleth3.1-3.2duosecurity.comDuoSecurity's own plugin, completely independent of and released shortly after Unicon's. Arguably simpler and includes fail-safe/bypass functionality not available in Unicon's. Does not create a new authn context – so SPs cannot demand Duo -- but quick & dirty opt-in-to-Duo functionality can still be achieved by adding code to their
shibboleth-mfa-u2f-auth3.2,3.3stefan.wold@unitedid.orgProvides U2F authentication support (2-factor). Works together with the user and password flow. Current version only have support for the Yubico U2F Validation Server as backend. Generic backend support for SQL and MongoDB will be available in August 2016.
shibboleth-oidc3.2.1UChicago/Unicon? (try the issue tracker)"We are working on adding support for the OpenID Connect protocol to the Shibboleth Identity Provider v3."

shibboleth_django-freeradius_login alessia.ventani@uniurb.itThis plugin implements a JAAS LoginModule of Java which permits a Shibboleth idp server to authenticate with the module django-freeradius.
duo-non-browser3.3pfeifer@umd.eduA Shibboleth IdP authentication plugin/flow intended for use with the mfa authn flow providing Duo authentication for browserless interactions such as ECP.