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TL, DR; Refer to the ReleaseNotes for the important information about the 3.0 release.

If your configuration is extremely old and dates to V2.3 or earlier, it will not be suitable for use. It may work at least in part, but it will contain a huge amount of unnecessary configuration and complexity and you should either redo it when upgrading to V3 by starting from scratch, or consider modernizing it prior to upgrading by comparing it against the default distribution file.

The upgrade process is designed to be seamless and is functionally the same as upgrading V2 in the past. Depending on the platform and how you've installed V2, upgrading to V3 should be done in the same fashion (yum update, port upgrade, Windows Installer, make install, etc.) and the result should be a functional system, with the logs indicating that the software and library versions are updated and warnings about the detection of the older configuration namespace.