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Identified by type="Delegation", this attribute extractor this AttributeExtractor allows content from within a SAML DelegationRestriction condition to be extracted and passed to an application as an attribute. This allows for finer-grained control over delegation at an SP. The information that's eventually expressed in string form to the application is controlled by a formatter XML attribute that can reference specific content from within the <del:Delegate> elements in the condition.



The following XML attributes are supported by this type:

Required setting that specifies the internal
stringRequiredYSP attribute name to be populatedpopulate

An expression containing any number of "substitution" variables starting with a '$' character that reference information from the <del:Delegate> element.

The Set set of formatter variables consists of:



Information derived from the corresponding content of the <saml<saml2:NameID> element found within the <del:Delegate> element. Typically delegates are SAML entities that are named by entityIDs and only the $Name property is relevant.
$ConfirmationMethodA SAML confirmation method URI that identifies how the delegate confirmed its identity to the IdP.

The time at which the delegate confirmed its identity to the IdP.