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See Source Code Access


Shibboleth and OpenSAML use Subversion (SVN), as their source control system. As such, in order to access the code repositories, you'll need a subversion client, a few of which may be found on Subversion's common clients page.

Accessing the Subversion Repositories

The SVN URL for each project is:[REPO_NAME]

If you're trying to track the most recent stable code for a particular minor revision, you'll want to check out the branch corresponding to it rather than the trunk, which may not always reflect every fix applied to the branch.

The web view for each project is:[REPO_NAME]

The current repository names are:

  • cpp-xmltooling - C++ XMLTooling library
  • cpp-opensaml - C++ OpenSAML, version 2 library
  • cpp-sp - C++ Shibboleth SP
  • java-xmltooling - Java XMLTooling library
  • java-openws - Java OpenWS library
  • java-opensaml2 - Java OpenSAML, version 2 library
  • java-opensaml2-main - Project that uses SVN externals to check out java-xmltooling, java-openws, and java-opensaml2 and comes with a Maven aggregation POM that can be used to build those three projects together and aggregate their javadoc, junit, and jxr reports.
  • java-parent-projects/java-parent-project-v2 - Maven parent POM project for v2 Java projects.

Example for Linux/Unix users

If you are using the Subversion client and you like to checkout the Java XMLTooling sources open a terminal and type following commands: