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It is usual that a plugin contains one or moreĀ Modules, so the usual way to add functionality via a plugin is to install the plugin, then enable the module (if not already done for you) and then complete any per-module configuration.

We maintain a directory of known plugins.

Plugin Versioning and IdP Versioning








File Or URL

Install the provided qualifier



List PluginId

Update installed pluginsplugin




Remove the installed plugin



Enumerate all installed plugins



Give full version details for all installed plugins




List all files installed by the specified plugin

-L 4.2


List available plugins (i.e discover plugins which can be downloaded and installed)
Use --updateURL to specify the source for plugins not provided by the Shibboleth Project

-I 4.2



Install plugin from its ID. The plugin should be available at the default endpoint (or that specified by --updateURL)


Do not check for compatibility with the current IdP Version


Specify the update URL (for -L, -I or to override the plugin provided value)



Output the license information for the specified plugin