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Extending the Installer Programmatically


NOTE than in V5 it will no longer be possible to programatically extend the Installer. Property driven installs will still be supported.

The main point of extension is the InstallerProperties interface and the concrete (and extendable) InstallerPropertiesImpl class. This encapsulates everything about the install and the shipped implementation consults properties or the user in the same way that the current ant based build does. It is extremely likely that InstallerProperties will be extended during the life of V4 with suitable default methods. For instance slip-streaming in a case such as

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 would be done this way.


The V4Install class also has a method setMetadataGenerator(MetadataGenerator) where MetadataGenerator is a public interface with three methods

  1. setOutput(@Nonnull File where) which sets where the file is to be generated.

  2. setParameters(@Nonnull final MetadataGeneratorParameters what) which sets the parameters from which the metadata may be generated

  3. generate() to write the metadata file

The setMetadataGenerator method is defaulted suitably.