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  1. Checkout the java-idp-testbed, java-identity-provider, and java-idp-jetty-base projects as peers in the same directory and import them into Eclipse. You can optionally do the same for the rest of the stack (java-opensaml, etc.) if you wish.

  2. Switch to the '9.3' branch of java-idp-jetty-base.

  3. Install Jetty (download and unpack jetty-distribution)

    • The version of Jetty should match the jetty.version property in the testbed POM (java-idp-testbed/pom.xml)

    • The Jetty installation directory should be set as the jetty.home system property in the Eclipse Launcher for the testbed's, see below

  4. Add testbed.xml to idp-jetty-base/src/main/resources/jetty-base/webapps/ :

    idp-jetty-base webapps/testbed.xml

    Code Block
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <!DOCTYPE Configure PUBLIC "-//Mort Bay Consulting//DTD Configure//EN" "">
    <Configure class="org.eclipse.jetty.webapp.WebAppContext">
      <Set name="war">../../../../../java-idp-testbed/src/main/webapp/</Set>
      <Set name="contextPath">/</Set>
      <Set name="extractWAR">false</Set>
      <Set name="copyWebDir">false</Set>
      <Set name="copyWebInf">true</Set>
  5. Adjust paths in idp-jetty-base/src/main/resources/jetty-base/start.d/idp.ini :

    idp-jetty-base start.d/idp.ini

    Code Block
    jetty.war.path = ../../../../../java-identity-provider/idp-war/src/main/webapp
  6. Configure the Eclipse Launcher for the testbed's :

    • Program arguments : --lib=${workspace_loc:idp-conf/src/test/resources} --lib=${workspace_loc:idp-conf/src/main/resources}

    • VM arguments : -Djetty.home=<path to jetty-distribution> -Didp.home=classpath: -Didp.webflows=classpath*:/flows

    • working directory : ${workspace_loc:idp-jetty-base/src/main/resources/jetty-base}

  7. Run from java-idp-testbed as a Java Application (there's an Eclipse launcher file included, but it may need customization).

  8. Access https://localhost:8443/index.html with a browser on the same machine.