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Comment: Add "fudiscr" for privacyIDEA (and other) integrations


Starting with V4.1, most extensions are likely to be packaged as plugins, and can be found in the relevant wiki space.

Note that some of the previous version's contributions may be useful or directly applicable to this version as well, but out of deference to the maintainers we have not made those assumptions on their behalf.



Supported IdP Versions

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OAuth2 2.0 Device Authorization Grant

4.0.x v2 of the extension

4.1+ v3 of the extension

OAuth2 2.0 Device Authorization Grant extension is for relying parties with no browser or limited input capabilities. See

“fudiscr” authn-plugin


This plugin can be used as an additional factor for multi-factor authentication (MFA) by the Shibboleth Identity Provider (IdP). It supports token-based authentication and at its core follows the challenge-response pattern. […] The plugin itself does not contain functions for token administration nor special algorithms for validating tokens. An external token system can be connected via the generic ChallengeResponseClientInterface. An implementation of this interface for privacyIDEA is included as well as a mock-up implementation for testing purposes. Also an external implementation for Fortinet already exists. Release notes

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