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titleXML Attributes

The top level <AttributeResolver> element has one attribute, id, which is used in logging.

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titleXML Elements

The following child elements may appear:






Defines connections to sources of data which provide input to attribute definitions. These data sources are usually external (databases or attribute stores). It is also now possible when desired to directly export data from a connector without layering attribute definitions on top.



Allows more precise formatting and transformations of input data into single attributes, as well as pre-V4 support for attaching encoders and other descriptive characteristics. Many use cases can now be handled without attribute definitions.

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The attribute-resolver.xml file can also use property replacement to externalize particular settings such as passwords. Some common/global properties, such as idp.scope, are defined in the file, and you may add your own properties and files. See the SpringConfiguration topic for more on property syntax.

The properties which affect the resolution process are names starting with idp.service.attribute.resolver. as described here.